My dearest friends – We have been so comforted by you and asking about donations to a charity or cause that was meaningful to Grant. Grant and Deana had recently visited the Denton Freedom House where he had an opportunity to be prayed for. He hoped to have the opportunity perhaps someday go there because he felt so much love by all of these men. We have set up this page for anyone that would like to make a donation in Grant’s name. I have been so blessed by all of you!

The Denton Freedom House

The Denton Freedom House’s ministry illustrates the love of Christ through modeling family life and helping men understand that they are loved by God and by those who serve them in Christ’s name. We are called to equip men to become leaders in the community and their circle of friends and family. We believe in demonstrating our changed lives through what Christ has done for us, and by investing in the lives of the men we serve by teaching them to become faithful followers of Jesus.