Experimental Work performed at customer’s request, such as art work, composition, ink tests, paper tests or material tests will be charged for at current rates.
, dummies, negatives, reproduction proofs, line castings, and other preparatory materials supplied by the printer will remain his exclusive property, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
or changes to materials such as artwork, negatives, plates or dies furnished by the customer will be charged for at current rates. Delays caused by such work are not the responsibility of the printer.
to the original specifications of this quote may result in extra charges. If work must be redone due to customer’s error or change of mind, the extra work will be charged for at current rates.
that include materials that must be shipped to the printer, such as paper or dies, include standard turnaround and shipping from the vendor. Rush service and shipping must be requested of the printer by the customer and will be charged for.
Printing plates and dies
(foil, embossing, debossing or steel rule) become the property of the customer once they are paid for. If they are stored by the printer for the convenience of the customer, the printer will assume no liability for damage or loss due to fire, heat, humidity, theft, etc. The plates or dies will be destroyed if the customer goes out of business; they will be returned to the customer if the printer goes out of business.
Other property
of the customer stored by the printer, such as paper, boxes or ink, is similarly stored at the customer’s risk. The printer assumes no liability for damage or loss because of events beyond his control.
Standing type forms, negatives, and digital files created by the printer will be held for no more than one year, except by special agreement.
Proofs and correction forms
will be provided if typesetting has been done by the printer. Corrections, if any, must be indicated on the proof and returned to the printer. The printer is not responsible for errors if the job is printed per the customer’s OK.
Press proofs will be charged for at current rates, unless the customer is present when the job is made ready on the press, so that no press time is lost. If the press must stand idle waiting for a customer’s OK, the lost time will be charged for.
Paper stock
furnished by the customer must be flat, square, and in otherwise good condition. Extra time spent because of poor quality paper furnished by the customer will be charged for.
Over runs
and under runs not to exceed 15% of the amount ordered will constitute an acceptable delivery. An excess or deficiency will be charged or credited to the customer proportionately.
Free pickup and delivery by the printer is provided by the printer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Special pickups or deliveries on other days, or a second trip on regular days, will be charged for at current rates.
Cost of Shipping
by mail, UPS, FedEx, etc. is not included in the quotation and will be added onto the invoice after the cost of shipping has been determined. An appropriate handling charge for packing, crating, palletizing, etc. may be added.
will be by the least expensive method unless otherwise requested by the customer.
Standard turnaround
time is usually 4-6 weeks for complex jobs with new printing plates may take two or three weeks. Turnaround is partly determined by the backlog of work already in progress.
Rush jobs may result in charges for disruption of the normal work flow. These charges will be determined at the time the job is run.
: one of the following, depending on a number of factors: Full amount of estimate due in advance. Any difference of cost of completed job will be charged or credited within five working days of delivery of the job. One-half of estimate due in advance. Balance due upon delivery. An amount covering all of the printer’s outside costs, such as paper or dies, due in advance. Full amount due 30 days from delivery Past due accounts will be charged 10% per month interest.

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